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89K with hugs and loves to all my friends

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 15, 2011, 9:36 AM
Latest Happenings

This section is being reserved for the latest happenings with me and my gallery.  If I make changes in the sections I will post it in this area. But if you have not read my journal, a once through read is a must so you know the basics.

For the time-frame of  January 1st - January 31st, 2013
  • I hope you all having a wonderful holiday season, it feels good to be down here with my beloved and getting to finally spend the holidays together
  • Thank you so much for the 89,000 views + I love you all
  • I am also cleaning up my gallery and trying to keep on my best work out there, so I make take some of my work down, if it was a present I made for you or you want a copy of something that I did, I will save it to my hard drive before deleting it.
  • Going back to school again, when I get done I will have close to 5 years of college and will be exhausted LOL, but I will still try to come on here daily but I will be taking the Information Technology (Network Security) program so I won't have much time to goof off.
  • Still working with an IT Recruiter, who is helping me find a job in Sacramento, please pray for me that they find something or if you have any job leads or ideas let me know!! .
  • I have finished one of my portfolios (  visualpoetress-manipulations.d…  ), I would like you to look at it, see what you think and let me know any improvements you can think of, please note me :)
  • I am honored to receive my very first Daily Literature Deviations (DLD)… on my poem God Gave Me You:…
  • If you want to manip photos of me, I have some in my gallery, please just make it into something pretty :)
  • Doing a spreadsheet for DA info, I need to know your birthdates, send it to me by note if you wish.
  • I need you all to check to see if you have your stamp in my journal shoutboard (I would love to show it there) and see if your photo is in "My DA Friends" under favorites:…  I would really like to put your photo in there too.
  • Still doing updates to my past poems, adding borders and reviewing them.  Organizing my gallery, alphabetizing it and gave it a color background, it is looking pretty shnazzy! Go peek :)


Longing For Love v2 by jodipheonix

** My Public Profession of Love ** - I never thought I would ever fall in true love, but I have and I believe fate not only brought me to this site, but brought me to my current and future love.

I am a visual poet, when I was working on one of my love poems, and I was looking for a coordinating drawing/photo to go with it.  I typed in the word "passion" after searching almost a hundred deviations, I became totally fixated on his drawing of "The Lovers":

Lovers by Ricardofantasyart

Shortly there after I totally flipped for the artist himself, since March 10th, 2007 we have not stopped talking on IM and the phone for hours and hours, when I talked to him for the very first time, I knew he was the one for me on our first phone call, it lasted over 5 hours.  We still talk endlessly it seems every day click on the lovebug drawing down below to read our story.

Love Bug-WIP by Ricardofantasyart

Rich is a wonderful man, he is kind, loving, funny and he makes my heart melt and he is the reason behind my smile and inner glow.  I am totally devoted to only him, he is the one I have been waiting for all my life.  Every day with him in my life is a true blessing, he is the highlight of my day and night :)  He is definitely the answer to my prayers of sending a true love to me.  In case you did not notice all the positive love poems are for him, not only is he my "muse" he is my inspiration also. Feel free to check out DA Artist (Ricardofantasyart) here: ricardofantasyart.deviantart.c…  

   GF stamp by Akhrrana  

It has been almost 6 years  (March 10th, 2007)  that Rich and I have been in love :heart: and we are still going strong and very much in love.   And now we are together, and I am happy, content and at peace.  Who knows one day we may get engaged or married.

Art Theft

Anti art theft stamp01 by annie252

I do not know why I thought it would never happen to me but it did, I  have done google searches on VisualPoetress and found so many sites that have my work on them, google your name too, you may be suprised on what you find.

Here is a program (TinEye) that does image searches, watch the little informational video.  This could really come in handy when searching to see if your artwork is out there.  Go take a look:

I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE that you all google your handle, your name and see just what is out there that someone has stolen from you.  It is not a form of flattery to have your work stolen, do something about it and get proactive, do what you can not to let them get away with it.  If your work has been stolen and is found at Photobucket they do have a Copyright Policy:  Plus DA has a Forum if your artwork has been Ripped Off you can post the information there:…

Dedicating My Shoutboard To My Friends

The Shoutboard Stamp by Busiris

Everything that has to do with my friends,  has been moved to my ShoutBoard go there to see my friends, my friends stamps, and the really cool gifts they have made me.  To get there go to my journal tab and you will see my shoutboard to the right.

Facebook and Twitter

Join My face book Stamp by ZODCStamp - Twitter by shadowed-light-waves

If you have a facebook or twitter page let me know, send me a note.  I will let you be part of mine if you wish :)

My Submission To The DA Suggestions Forum

These are my suggestions below and when I get a few moments I will resumbit them:

A horizontal display for the subcategories in the gallery:…

A sorting option in the gallery when editing:…

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Somebody I use to know Goyta
  • Reading: Your Mind
  • Watching: My Laptop Screen
  • Playing: Myself (am I or am I not kidding)
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Orange Pekoe Tea with Milk and Sugar


Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, my name is Michelle. I am a very passionate, romantic and sensual woman. I love to write poetry, and I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager, but seriously since 2004. I write when I am inspired usually. I open my heart and deep within the words flow. I have lived most of the poems or I dream of future love feeling that way.

Check out my gallery, I have the poems categorized, so depending on your mood I have written about just about every type of love phase such as (painful love, romantic love, self-love (yes that), divorce, missing you type of love, love for a family member (child/parent/sibling) and more. But also issues that have affected me in the past such as child abuse and domestic violence. I am a spiritual person so you may see some God references in my poetry, but those are just my beliefs, I do not push them on anyone it is a personal choice anyways and I know I am far from perfect.

I am also a music fan, most of my poems are inspired by love, but also music inspires it, in some of my poems I have added YouTube music links in the description if you want to go check it out. If you want to see some of my favorite videos click here: [link] and come and join my friends list :)

I try to use DA photographers and artists with my poems primarily, because this community has the best artists and photographers I ever have seen. I am constantly searching for photos of couples in romantic positions, if you know of any please drop me a note, or if you have any ideas for future theme for love poems let me know too. I have more poems in process.

It is almost a year that I have been having fun with Adobe Photoshop CS6, so I am having fun while I am learn more cool things.

I love to look at others galleries, if you are bored and need someone to talk to, I am around most of the time.

And if you get curious or bored feel free to look at my Pacific Northwest Photos. [link]

And I also have a stock gallery if you want to take a peek at it: [link]

So if you look at my poems/manips, please leave a comment or drop me a note. I encourage you also to visit the DA artists that I have used to enhance my poetry, and create manips. They are some awesome and talented people!

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR VISITING !!! 100,000 VIEWS ALMOST!! WOW .. you DO LOVE ME!! I appreciate each and every one of your visits :hug: :love:!!

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